Stilton – 24” Dual Zone Wine Cellar

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This product has been discontinued.


Eliminate Storage Inconsistencies

Dual temperature zones bring an end to tough multi-wine storage decisions. Red and white wines require customized levels of cool, so two Independently controlled sections allow proper temps to be set for your distinct selection.

Lock In Your Luxuries

Protect the beverages you’re properly preserving behind a durable safety lock and key system. This exclusive access allows you to rest assured that no unwanted guests will get into the goods you’re chilling, without gaining your permission first.

Never Be Left In the Dark

The true, blue LED track lighting that illuminates the interior of this unit exquisitely displays your wine without any damaging heat. This feature can be turned on or off at your leisure, so your selection can be in the spotlight or more discreetly displayed.


Comfortably fitting over 51 bottles, this wine cellar is set to cradle your collection. While the thoughtfully magnetic door may be a prime feature, the whole wine cellar itself possesses an undeniably attractive pull.


Product Dimensions
  • Product Width
    60.48 cm
  • Product Depth
    62.87 cm
  • Product Height
    87.47 cm
Package Dimensions
  • Package Width
    68.58 cm
  • Package Depth
    73.66 cm
  • Package Height
    96.52 cm
  • Product Weight
    119.05 lbs
    54.00 kg
  • Package Weight
    130.1 lbs
    59.01 kg


18 month warranty on parts and labor with in-home service. Installation and yearly maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under the warranty.