Silhouette – Reserve (Right Handle)

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  • 24″ wide built-in under-counter refrigerator​ 
  • Factory set RIGHT hand swing​ 
  • Stores up to 105 beverage cans and up to 5 bottles of wine​ 
  • Set temperature range between 33°F – 44°F​ 
  • 2 1/2 adjustable glass shelves with STAK organizer​ 
  • Precise temperature control with our microcomputer-controlled fan which continually monitors and adjusts the temperature​ 
  • Perimetrical LED lighting illuminates the interior top to bottom with 3 different intensities​ 
  • Invisi-touch display: controls are mounted on the exterior of the unit and can be set to disappear when not in use​ 
  • Low E, dual pane argon filled door ​ 
  • Self-closing door​ 
  • Includes Sabbath mode, Temperature alarm, door ajar alarm and temperature recall ​ 
  • 24 months warranty with in-home service 


Invisi-Touch Display®

Tap the glass and the exterior Capacitive Touch Interface comes alive! No opening and closing your wine cooler door to adjust settings.

Increase or decrease the set temperature and watch as the hue of the temperature-guided ring changes to match your favourite beverages with the Temperature-Guided Ring

This All-Refrigerator will keep your beer and soda chilled to perfection with temperature ranges from 1°C to 6°C. The all-refrigerator offers 5 cubic feet of storage with space to store up to 105 beverage cans (355 ml) and 5 bottles of wine (750 ml).

STAK Organizer

The STAK Organizer, patent-pending design will make you wonder how you ever stored cans and bottles without it. The curved platform cradles up to 12 cans or bottles and ensures bottles won’t roll or slide – making it easy to stack multiples on top of each other.

Two full-depth Tempered Glass Shelves and one half depth shelf allows for the storage of large cartons, bottles, or open bottles of wine.

Parametric Lighting

Bold Parametric Lighting fully illuminates the interior to display your contents. Choose between three different settings: Bank, Theater, and Energy Saver mode.

Self-Closing Door — The flush fit design with articulating hinged door integrates seamlessly with cabinets. The door comes standard with a self-closing hinge but in the event the door remains open a temperature alarm will sound. Right and left hand swing available. SRVBC050R & SRVBC050L

Quiet Operation — 44 decibels


Store more than just beer and soda in the Silhouette Reserve Fridge. With temperature range from 1°C to 6°C, you can safely store cheese and meat platters, seafood, and other assorted perishables. Whether you find yourself entertaining friends or needing more convenient refrigeration for your family, the Silhouette Reserve’s under-counter design delivers style and practicality like no other beverage center on the market.


Product Dimensions
  • Product Width
    60.71 cm
  • Product Depth
    68.07 cm
  • Product Height
    87.38 cm
Package Dimensions
  • Package Width
    77.22 cm
  • Package Depth
    65.53 cm
  • Package Height
    91.69 cm
  • Product Weight
    115.1 lbs
    52.21 kg
  • Package Weight
    136.9 lbs
    62.10 kg


24-month in-home warranty on parts and labour with in-home service