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Celebrating your moments in style

The art of cold has been mastered by Silhouette’s product design team with an extraordinary combination of concept and craftsmanship.

Beverage Centers

Beverages can take up a lot of room in a refrigerator, Silhouette beverage centers give your specialty beverages their own space.

Wine Cellars

You are a collector – a purveyor of the hard-to-finds and the rarest-of-the-rares. You demand preservation that is true and one which cannot falter. If the thought of entrusting your most prized wines to a wine cellar makes you nervous rest-assured, we understand.

Ice Makers

Explore the world of efficient cooling with a Silhouette Ice Makers. Tired of running out of ice during gatherings or events? Silhouette Ice Makers provide a steady supply of ice, ensuring you’re always prepared to serve refreshing drinks. Say goodbye to the hassle of ice trays and bulky ice bags in your freezer. With a dedicated Ice Maker, you can have ice on demand, making your beverage service seamless and convenient.

Outdoor Refrigeration

Experience outdoor living at its finest with Silhouette Outdoor Refrigeration solutions. Take your entertaining outdoors without compromising on the freshness and coolness of your beverages. Silhouette Outdoor Refrigerators are designed to withstand various weather conditions while keeping your drinks cold and accessible. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a poolside gathering, our outdoor refrigeration units offer the ideal solution for keeping your drinks chilled and your outdoor space functional.

Undercounter Refrigeration

Maximize space and efficiency with Silhouette Undercounter Refrigeration options. Tired of cluttered refrigerators and struggling to find space for your beverages? Our undercounter refrigerators provide a dedicated area for organizing your drinks without taking up valuable space in your main fridge. Perfectly fit these units under counters, bars, or kitchen islands for easy access to your favorite beverages. Enjoy a well-organized and stylish solution that adds both convenience and sophistication to your living space.