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Celebrating your moments in style

The art of cold has been mastered by Silhouette’s product design team with an extraordinary combination of concept and craftsmanship.

Beverage Centers

We Are The Leader In
Small Space Convenience

The Finest Wines Require The Finest of Care

You are a collector – a purveyor of the hard-to-finds and the rarest-of-the-rares. You demand preservation that is true and one which cannot falter. If the thought of entrusting your most prized wines to a wine cellar makes you nervous rest-assured, we understand.

The Pinnacle Of Cooling, Performance, And Presence

Entertaining experts rejoice; refrigeration royalty has arrived. Preserve a decadent range of beverages and foods in this series, created to elevate interiors with smart styling, thoughtful design and tailored technology. Get set to serve up an amplified experience to your guests.

Indulge In The Extras That Elevate You From Ordinary

This series of striking cooling systems encourages the kind of indulgent entertainment that will take you and your guests to new places. This is regal refrigeration, detailed with tasteful touches of decadence.

Simplicity, In Tempting And Time-Honoured Form

Pure and unpretentious, this selection is where experiential design originates. Set to stun with slick features and contemporary lines, any one of these icons will feel like an essential you won’t know how you ever went without.