Silhouette 129 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler in Stainless Steel

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This product has been discontinued.


    Smooth & Silent Shelving

    The Proglide shelving system built in to this unit features 1.5″ stainless steel ball bearing glides that allow for full shelf extension and quiet convenience. The extensively-tested tracks are equipped with exclusive anti-vibration technology to safely cradle your finest selection of well-stored wine.

    Innovatively Upgraded Interiors

    The Prowave liner has reimagined refrigeration interiors. Designed with extruded rails on which Proglide shelf system is mounted, this liner offers strain-free and frictionless stability for your shelves, further increasing their smooth lifespan. Have larger wine bottles you wish to find a home for? The Prowave liner also makes it possible to fit various sizes in the bottom of your unit.

    A Balance of Power

    Precautionary measures have been taken to ensure your built-in will consistently stand strong, even with all the shelves extended. Keep every precious wine bottle protected with this topple-free technology.


    For those refined tastes and robust collections, only a heavyweight wine cellar will do. This elegant column is a unique statement piece that houses the finest features, including stable shelving and tip-free technology, to ensure every bottle is cradled with care. The temperature swing-free cooler promises to properly store each and every varietal that pleases your palette.


    Product Dimensions
    • Product Width
      59.51 cm
    • Product Depth
      72.34 cm
    • Product Height
      176.15 cm
    Package Dimensions
    • Package Width
      66.04 cm
    • Package Depth
      76.20 cm
    • Package Height
      198.12 cm
    • Product Weight
      252.43 lbs
      114.50 kg
    • Package Weight
      282.19 lbs
      128.00 kg


    24 months parts and labor coverage. Installation and/or yearly maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.