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Silhouette combines the highest standards in innovative design, reliability and the best people in the business to offer you and your customers more. We understand the importance of forming strategic, long-lasting partnerships and we want to create an enduring relationship with you.

Commitment to Innovation

Silhouette was established to elevate our industry’s selection of interactive refrigeration, and with our thirst for greatness and craving for consumer fulfillment, we’ve recreated cool.

Silhouette is committed to providing innovative, quality products, which are engineered and manufactured with excellence. We’ve paired inspiration and preservation to create an accessibly exclusive collection, outfitted with thoughtful technology and design elements that will attract guests and desiring glances.

The art of cold has been mastered by Silhouette’s product design team with its extraordinary combination of concept and craftsmanship. The selection of refrigeration statement pieces have evolved over time through an aesthetic enlightenment process, resulting in stunning products that are satisfying to see and be seen with.

Where some see room for an appliance; we see space for an experience.

Silhouette Support System

Your local Silhouette distributor or Sales Representative will work hand-in-hand with you, giving you the support you need to succeed in your market. Whether it’s a tough job or a difficult business issue, you can count on our expertise.

Product Availability

Impressive product requires strong distribution and that is what you get with Silhouette. Our expert North American distribution network keeps a supply of Silhouette product readily available so you can meet your customers’ needs on time, every time.

Value to Your Customer

Silhouette is committed to offering your customers the best after-sale experience. Our Service Network of over one thousand authorized servicers across North America, in combination with our bilingual Customer Care team, provides superb post-sale advice, support and assistance.


CAN: 1-800-461-4492

USA: 1-866-641-3309